About Us

Who is Soul Immortal?


I could mention my degrees and years of specialized training but none of it comes close to the experience that I've obtained just by living life. I know what it's like to lose a parent, I've experienced life in a single parent household, I've been the unaware teenager, I've fought in wars, I've suffered through a divorce, I've been without food and a place to call home and at the end of the day I finally understand how to get through it and create the life that I desire.

My Approach


My approach is simple. The first thing is to identify where you are...then decide on where you want to be. The meat of my practice is showing you who you are and what you are capable of. There are many things that are purposely kept away from us, my goal is to show you the power that you posess but are unaware of.

Why Immortal Mindz?


I've seen the bottom and there are very few life experiences that I have not witnessed first hand. I have studied some of the greatest men to walk this planet and have created a formula for living. From insufficient funds to traveling the globe I have completely figured out how to become my greatest version. I want the same for you.